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LinX: The best test!

It's a benchmark designed to measure performance on Intel CPUs in GFlops. But it's also a very useful tool for checking the stability of a CPU.

Some main features:

    › a simple and intuitive interface
    › max available memory detection and an option to use all available memory
    › both Intel and AMD CPU support (thanks Right from for that)
    › both 32 and 64-bit Linpack support
    › Intel HyperThreading support (Pentium 4, Atom, Corei7) and ability to override the number of testing threads
    › Linpack can be started with different priorities
    › elapsed, estimated and approximate finish time displaying
    › ability to test for a specified period of time
    › optional sound beep on error/successful pass
    › settings for the last run are remembered
    › visual indication of testing process to quickly determine possible system hang
    › monitoring data import from Everest or Speedfan and ability to create graphs for core temperature, fan speed, vcore and +12V voltage
    › screenshot and graph saving in PNG format
    › tray icon
    › command-line keys support to automate testing (run LinX.exe -help for full list)
    › no additional redistributable packages needed
    › no installation required (however, there is a version with installer too )

Changes in latest LinX v0.6.4:

- added an option to run tests for a specified period of time. Use the drop-down list to set minutes or times to run tests
- small UI redesign/enhancements
- graph windows now correctly save their positions on program close
- fixed a somewhat rare bug leading to false LinX errors when CPU usage was high
- added new command-line options, fixed found bugs in older ones (run LinX.exe -help to view the list of command-line options)
- added seconds to filenames to prevent overwriting

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